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Special Terms

UPDATED ON: 04.05.2021

Next 500 Credit

$100 sign up credit applied over 12 months

  • 1. Offer Terms

    These terms (Special Terms) set out the terms and conditions applicable to OVO Energy's $100 (inclusive of GST) online sign up credit offer, applied over 12 months (Next 500 Credit).

    Terms that are not defined in these Special Terms are defined in OVO Energy's Market Retail Contract Terms and Conditions for small customers - available here.

  • 2. Eligibility requirements

    To be eligible for the Next 500 Credit:

    • (a) you must sign up to one of the following electricity market plans - The One Plan or The One Plan + 100% for your premises, via;

    • (b) your premises must be in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia or Queensland;

    • (c) the contract must be your first electricity market contract for your premises;

    • (d) you must be one of the first 500 customers to sign up to OVO Energy's The One Plan or The One Plan + 100% during the offer period of 4 May 2021 to 31 May 2021;

    • (e) you must continue your contract for your premises for at least 12 months from when we start supplying electricity to you (minimum contract period); and,

    • (f) you must enter into a direct debit arrangement with us to automatically pay your energy bills by a direct debit account you nominate upon entry into your contract and pay your bill by the pay-by date (by ensuring there are sufficient funds in your bank account).

  • 3. When will we pay you the Next 500 Credit?

    Unless your contract ends early, we will credit you $100 (inclusive of GST) applied in twelve monthly instalments of $8.33 as an offset against the charges on each of your monthly bills issued during the minimum contract period.

    If your contract ends before the end of the minimum contract period, we will not pay you, and you will forfeit, any remaining credit balance of the $100 Next 500 Credit.

  • 4. Offer exclusions

    The Next 500 Credit offer:

    • (a) is not valid or available for any OVO Energy Plans other than The One Plan or The One Plan + 100%, for OVO Energy gas market offers or in conjunction with any other OVO Energy special offers, promotions, vouchers or competitions;

    • (b) can only be used as a discount off your OVO Energy account and cannot be refunded or redeemed for cash; and

    • (c) is not transferable to any other customer or to any other premises.

  • 5. Variation or withdrawal of the Next 500 Credit

    We may change or withdraw the terms applying to Next 500 Credit by notice to you in accordance with applicable energy laws.