Life’s too long for expensive bills

(and boring admin)

Meet our one simple plan

The One Plan

Flexible rates



No transaction or exit fees

10% standard GreenPower electricity, 3% interest whenever your account is in credit, and equal monthly payments.

23% cheaper

than the reference price 1

23% less than

than the reference price 1


per month


per year

Flexible rates



No transaction or exit fees

10% Green Energy
100% Carbon Neutral
3% Interest Reward
No Transaction or Exit Fees

A smoother kind of energy

Calculating your Direct Debit

We predict how much energy you’ll use over a year (based on things like the size of your home, and how much energy you’ve used in the past). Once we’ve worked out the cost of this energy, we divide that number by 12 to get a monthly ‘average’. This becomes your Direct Debit amount. This is also known as bill smoothing.

Any time that your account is in credit with us, we’ll pay you 3% interest on the balance.

No more bill shock

Sometimes you’ll use more energy than your Direct Debit will cover (for example, during hotter months). And at other times, you’ll use less.
The idea of bill smoothing is that eventually your account balance evens out and you’ll end each 12-month period with a zero balance. You won’t have overpaid or underpaid for your energy.

Why are meter readings important

Everytime you submit a meter reading, we cross-check what you’re paying with how much energy you’re using. If you used much more (or less) than we’ve estimated we’ll adjust your Direct Debit so you get back on track. Don’t worry we’ll always notify you if we need to make a change.

How do you switch?

Relax, we’ve got this

Get carbon zero energy
Our plan comes with 10% GreenPower as standard, and is 100% carbon neutral.
Stay in control
Say goodbye to billshock by staying on top of your spending with equal monthly payments.
Be rewarded
That’s right. Stay in credit and we'll pay you 3% OVO Interest Reward on your balance.^
Make a saving
You could save up to $314** on your energy bills with us (not to mention our OVO Interest Reward).^^

Now’s the time for change

Start your journey to zero carbon in under 3 mins

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1. Values are based on $1,079 per annum (and $90 per month) for the The One Plan tariff using $0.2134/kWh (unit rate) and $0.6765/day (supply charge) and a representative consumption of 3,900 kWh per annum. This consumption value is taken from the Default Market Offer Determination 2021 for an electricity user in the Ausgrid distribution zone in NSW. All rates and figures are inclusive of GST.

`**Savings are based on the Default Market Offer rates that are published in the Default Market Offer Determination 2021 ($1,393 versus $1,079.00, calculation as stated above) equating to $314.00 per annum (inc GST).`

^Interest Rewards are paid on credit balances of customers paying by monthly Direct Debit. It is calculated at 3% in your first year (and every year thereafter). Interest Rewards are paid monthly based on the number of days you’re in credit and the amount left in your account after you’ve paid your bill. Full terms apply.