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Introducing OVO's

Electric Vehicle Plan

A home energy plan for Electric Vehicle owners

With OVO Drive you get a tariff that powers your home and charges your EV without breaking the bank.

You don't have to lose sleep with a discount of $0.05/kWh off your standard rate between 00:00 and 05:00. Just charge it overnight and start your day full of energy.


What you'll need

You just need a smart meter and an electric vehicle. Simple.

What you need to sign up again
What you need to sign up
What you need to sign up
What you need to sign up

How it works

Simple. Between 00:00 and 05:00 you'll get a discount of $0.05/kWh off your standard rate.
Outside those hours, you'll still get our fantastic rate that's up to 24% cheaper than the default market offer.*

Daily rates
Daily rates
Daily rates
Daily rates

What you'll get

With OVO Drive dedicated tariff the benefits just speak for themselves. Based on an average of 30kWh/100km and driving an average of 20,000km a year on anytime tariff.


Go Green

Charged by renewable energy

Every time you charge your EV, you'll be supporting renewable energy. We incorporate 10% GreenPower as standard, but you can also choose to upgrade to 100% GreenPower, for just a few more dollars a month.


How do you switch? Easy!

Go further

100% carbon neutral electricity

Getting on the road never felt this good, with OVO’s 100% carbon neutral electricity you can explore all the roads while helping to save the planet.

Why choose OVO?

Dedicated tariff

Go further with our $0.05/kWh discount from 00:00 to 05:00 to charge your Electric vehicle

Get carbon zero energy

Our plan comes with 10% GreenPower as standard, and is 100% carbon neutral.

Bill shock

Say goodbye to bill shock by staying on top of your spending with equal monthly payments.

Stay in control

With your online MyOVO account, check your statements and payments at home or on the go.

Be rewarded

That’s right. Stay in credit and we'll pay you 3% OVO Interest Reward on your balance.

Make a saving

You could save up to $308.00* on your energy bills with our fantastic rates.

Already with OVO?

Upgrading is easy

Just connect to one of our customer service team using webchat below, and they'll walk you through the simple process to upgrade to OVO Drive.

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Start your journey to carbon zero in under 3 mins
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