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Family & Domestic Violence Policy

UPDATED ON: 27.04.2023

  • 1 Introduction

  • OVO Energy maintains a Family Violence Policy. Broadly, this Family Violence Policy sets out key principles in regards to OVO Energy’s approach in dealing with customers, employees and their representatives.

  • The purpose of this policy is to set out OVO Energy’s commitment to supporting customers and employees affected by family violence. It applies to customers and employees identified by themselves, OVO Energy or notified to OVO Energy by an independent financial counsellor or case worker or anyone that may be affected by family violence.

  • The key priority for OVO Energy’s family violence will be to ensure all customers and employees feel safe and that we provide supportive and flexible assistance. OVO Energy will also ensure that all interactions are undertaken in a sensitive manner.

  • This policy will be updated every twelve (12) months or as necessary, with reference to the guiding documents, to reflect the rules and regulations as they apply to the needs of our customers.

  • Any amendments to this policy will be approved by the Essential Services Commission and published on the OVO Energy website.

  • 2 Definition of family violence

  • Family violence can be defined as behaviour by a person towards a family member if that behaviour is. It can include (but is not limited to) the following:

    • (a) Physically or sexually abusive;

    • (b) Psychologically or emotionally abusive;

    • (c) Economically abusive;

    • (d) Threatening;

    • (e) Coercive; or

    • (f) In any other way controls or dominates the family member and causes that family member to fear for the safety or wellbeing of that family member or any other person.

  • Family violence can also refer to behaviour by a person that causes a child to hear or witness, or otherwise be exposed to the effects of behaviours listed above.

  • Family violence can also be known as domestic violence.

  • 3 Our commitment to our customers

  • Account Security

  • OVO Energy will respect and protect your privacy. Unless instructed otherwise, we will not disclose your information to anyone else, even if the name is on the account.

  • All conversations will be confidential and access to this information will only be provided with your consent.

  • OVO Energy will work with you to identify your preferred or practicable method of communicating with you and getting information to you.

  • Record keeping of these arrangements to improve accountability around the agreements and measures taken with you.

  • Debt management

  • OVO Energy recognises that family violence can be a potential cause of payment difficulty;

  • OVO Energy will provide support and assistance to our customers including energy efficiency, information on Government grants and concessions, dispute resolution and information on payment options that are available;

  • Once we have been made aware that your account is affected by family violence we will offer payment arrangements.

  • This will include minimising the need for additional documentation, where possible or providing longer term assistance with the repayments.

  • Employee training and awareness

  • We will provide awareness training to all employees who engage with customers and their managers, and employees who are responsible for the systems and processes that guide our interactions with our customers;

  • We will provide awareness training to all employees who engage with customers and their managers, and employees who are responsible for the systems and processes that guide our interactions with our customers;

  • The awareness training will support them in:

    • (a) Understanding the nature and consequences of family violence;

    • (b) Identifying and appropriately engaging with customers who may be affected by family violence;

    • (c) Ensuring they are aware of how this policy is applied in practice.

  • Support and assistance

  • You may want to nominate someone to contact us on your behalf. This may include a financial counsellor, social worker or a family member or friend. With your approval we will engage with them as we would with you, consistent with your instructions and our privacy obligations.

  • OVO Energy has identified external support services who can provide assistance to customers affected by family violence. We may at times refer you to these services for further assistance taking into account your immediate and future circumstances

  • In an emergency or if you are feeling unsafe please call 000.

  • For immediate support, you can contact:

  • Commitment to employees

  • OVO strives to maintain a supportive working environment for employees who are

  • The support that OVO Energy offers their employees is as follows:

    • (a) Access to flexible working arrangements;

    • (b) Access to leave arrangements as set out in OVO Energy’s leave policy;

    • (c) Assistance is accessing relevant support services

    • (d) Support for implementing security and privacy measures at work;

    • (e) For immediate support, you can contact:

  • 4 Additional information

  • The information provided in this document represents OVO Energy’s Family Violence policy as has been developed for customers across all states and territories that OVO Energy operates in.

  • If you have any questions regarding this policy or anything in addition to this, please contact us on: