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100% GreenPower add-on
  • $0.0495/kWh
  • 100% renewable electricity
  • Government accredited

Go Green for less than 5¢/kWh

We think that doing your bit for the environment should be easy. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to upgrade to 100% renewable electricity - any time you like.
We’re dedicated to sustainability and protecting our environment. One of the best things you can do to support renewable energy development in Australia is to purchase GreenPower.

Upgrade anytime. Cancel whenever.

How does it work?

Investing in Australia’s renewable future

By purchasing GreenPower you are displacing your electricity usage with certified renewable energy that has no net greenhouse gas emissions. The government-managed GreenPower program independently audits OVO each year to ensure this is the case.

For every kWh of electricity that you use, 1kWh of certified renewable energy enters the grid.

The great thing about purchasing GreenPower is you’re assisting accredited renewable generators to compete with their fossil fuel counterparts. The bulk of the premium you pay for GreenPower goes directly back to GreenPower accredited generators through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates.

We use nationally recognised standards to estimate the amount of emissions created by each of these activities which are calculated in tonnes per CO2 equivalent.

Want to know more?

Further information about GreenPower is available from the National GreenPower Accreditation Program’s website at

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