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Why is my usage not up to date?

Viewing your usage is an easy way to take control and stay on top of your power bills. The availability of your electricity usage is dependent on the type of meter you may have at your property.

Basic meter

Basic meters require someone to physically attend your property to take your meter reading. This occurs once every 3 months.

Your electricity usage is only available to view once we have received your meter reading from your distributor every quarter. Bills in between your quarterly reads will be based on an estimation unless a self read has been provided.

Smart meters

Smart meters are digital meters that record your usage in 30-minute intervals. Smart meters do not require your distributor to attend your property to take a manual read, as they communicate your usage data to OVO Energy.

OVO are working hard to have your electricity usage accessible through MyOVO - we will keep you posted once MyOVO becomes available.

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