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Can I pay with Centrepay?

Most definitely! Centrepay can be established on our end or through Human Services. You can set up your Centrepay payments through your MYGOV account or by contacting Human Services.

They will need some details to ensure your payments come through successfully:

  • your centrelink customer reference number (CRN)
  • the bill details, such as the account or billing number
  • the name of the business you’re paying
  • the business address and phone number if you have them
  • our customer reference number (CRN) 555131251C

When establishing your Centrepay make sure the amount matches your OVO Energy monthly payment amounts and any active direct debits are cancelled.

Contact us below to ensure your account is updated or if you would like to discuss your payment amounts to ensure your Centrepay is established correctly or if you have any direct debits in place that you would like to cancel. 

Please note: your Centrepay payments must match your monthly electricity payment amounts.

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