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How do I close my account?

Moving Home

Moving house and would like to close your account? Scroll down and chat to one of our friendly agents. Alternatively, send us a message with your move out details and we will have this organised for you right away. Keep in mind, we require a minimum of 4 business days notification to have your account closed and disconnected.

Need a connection at your new property? We can have this arranged for you right away- chat to one one of our friendly team members below.

Transferring to another retailer

Were sorry to hear that you're leaving, but we would love any feedback about why you've chosen to go; we are always looking at ways that we can improve.

Please note: We cannot close or disconnect your account whilst you are transferring to another retailer.

If you're still plannning to leave, please contact the retailer you are intending to transfer to and they will organise your transfer. Once your transfer is complete, your accounts with us will close.

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