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How do I make changes to my direct debit?

Update my direct debit details

Updated your direct debit details and need them updated? You can send us a message below or email us at hello@ovoenergy.com.au and we will have your details updated. Keep in mind, if your direct debit is due within 4 business days, the payment may still attempt to be debited from your current direct debit method.

Can I change the date of my direct debit payments ?

Changing the date of your payments can be arranged after your first payment. Things to keep in mind:

  • You can update the date of your direct debit payment date once every 30 days
  • If your direct debit date is within 4 business days - we may still attempt to take your payment on the existing scheduled date.

Need more time to pay or need to need to extend your upcoming payment?
Chat to one of our friendly staff members below.

Can I change my direct debit amount

When you first sign up for an OVO account, we'll estimate how much energy you'll use based on what you tell us - then divide the cost by 12. This gives us your direct debit amount. If you end up using more (or less) we'll get in touch and ask to decrease or increase your payment.

Increasing my payments

Changes to your home; renovations or more people living at the property? Increasing your payments in readiness for potentially larger bills is an easy and a great way to stay on top of your energy bills.

Decreasing my payments

If you'd like to reduce your direct debit payment, it’s a little more complicated. We'll need to take a look at the status of your account and have a chat about why you want to make a reduction. If it looks like a smaller payment will cover the energy you’ll use, then of course we'll make the change.

If you are having trouble paying your bills, head to our Financial assistance page for more information on how we can assist - alternatively chat to one of our friendly team members below.

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