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Why is my bill estimated?

Estimated bills are a common factor when your billing period is monthly. Where your meter is a basic meter, a reading occurs every quarter. During this quarterly period it is normal to receive two estimated monthly bills which are generally based on your consumption for the same time last year as well as consumption trends within your area.

If your distributors scheduled read has been estimated this is generally because the distributor was unable to access your meter safely. This could occur when there are unrestrained pets or when your meter is inaccessible, for example if your meter is indoors or behind a locked gate. 

Estimated bills could even occur when you have long grass or trees hanging over the path to your meter. Providing clear access for your distributor will ensure your quarterly scheduled reads are always based on an actual read.

What can I do to ensure I receive an actual read?

Ensuring all tripping hazards or hazards blocking the way to the meter are removed.

Keeping your furry friend indoors or in a fenced off area away from your meter would also be ideal.

We understand it may be unsafe to keep your gate unlocked for long periods of time and can provide some alternative options like submitting a self read or organising a master key with your distributor to ensure access is provided. 

Can I submit a self read ?

Good news, OVO Energy accept self reads.

Check your meter reading reflecting on your meter to see if the estimated usage amount reflecting on your bill is in line with your current meter reading. If the read is not in line please contact us below and submit a self read and we will have the read corrected.

We recommend that you submit a self read on a monthly basis to ensure we are billing you correctly and to ensure your payments reflect the usage consumed at your property. This will help with identifying over and under payments.

Submit a self read by sending us a message below with a picture of your meter reading. 

What happens when I submit a self read?

If you submit a self read prior to a bill being issued, the self read will reflect on your bill as a 'customer read'. If the self read is submitted after your bill has been issued, you will see the reading you provided reflect on your next bill. If the estimated read has been overestimated, your monthly payments will not increase as we will apply your self read on to your account.

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